'Manifesto' – issue 002

  • 'Manifesto' – issue 002 – "World Tour" 2019

    Hang in, hang on, hang out, hang tight, hang loose...what it's all about. We've survived to bring you another issue of the illustrious "Manifesto". This time we're on a trip, a world tour! Not a physical one but rather a mental one, you see our job is to flip the pyramid, to take the less travelled path in an industry run by people shakin' in their boots. We may or may not succeed in our quest but fuck it who cares! Let me speak more clearly for a second. This issue of "Manifesto" is devoted to our friends - our creative co-captains from Australia, USA, Sweden, UK and Japan. We are already surrounded by enough Me Me Me! through marketing and social media so it's time for some well deserved You You You!